Bridge Loans

At IGR Mortgage Services we provide Bridge Loans for real estate investors to provide short-term financing for a variety of lending situations. Banks and conventional lenders don’t offer these Bridge Loans, so private money fills the void enabling investors to take advantage of opportunities they would otherwise be unable to undertake.

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Bridge Loan Overview

In its most basic form, a real estate bridge loan is short-term financing provided to a borrower to allow them to purchase a property before their currently owned property is sold. Bridge loans are short-term loans for real estate transactions which generally require quick funding. A property owner uses a bridge loan to borrow against the equity in their existing property to finance the purchase of a new property. As soon as the new property is acquired, the previous property is sold in order to pay off the bridge loan. Bridge loans can also be utilized in reverse order by obtaining the loan against the new property being purchased and then paying off this loan when the previous property is sold. Investors use bridge loans as “gap financing”. For example “bridge to sale” which enables the investor to repair, remodel or stabilize income to maximize market value. Also “bridge to refinance” to increase value for placing long term financing at the lowest possible rates. Bridge loan financing typically has a term of 12 to 24 months. IGR Mortgage Services is able to provide funding for hard money bridge loans on investment property within a matter of days. 

Bridge Loan Qualifying:

Flexible underwriting and reduced documentation:

  • Stated Income Program
  • No Documentation Loans
  • No Tax Returns
  • Reduced Asset Documentation
  • Loan to Individuals, Entities, Trusts, Foreign Nationals
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Bridge Loan Terms

For Short Term Situations:

  • Loan Amounts $100K to $10M+
  • Loan To Value Ratio to 75%
  • Interest rates 7.99% – 13.99%
  • Term 6 to 24 Months
  • Interest Only Payments
  • Interest Reserve Options
  • FICO scores 620+
  • Fast Closing Times
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty- Most Loans
  • Loan Extensions Considered

Investor's Options

Giving Investors Flexibility:

  • Purchase Financing
  • Refinance Your Debt
  • Take Cash Out
  • Fix & Flip/Remodel
  • Bridge To Refinance
  • Bridge To Sell
  • Bridge To Income Stabilization
  • Wide Range of Eligible Properties
  • Available To Investors of Any Experience Level
  • All Scenarios Considered

Why You Should Use A Bridge Loan


It’s Flexible and Hassle-Free: Bridge Loans are a type of short-term financing (12-24 months) for real estate investors who want to finance the purchase and/or rehab of their investment property instead of using cash.


Fast Funding: Conventional lenders and banks are unable to provide bridge loans to investors. With a Bridge Loan by IGR Morgage Services there are flexible guidelines, underwriting, and a stream-lined process that will provide you with rapid access to funds.


For Real Estate Investors of every experience level: A Bridge Loan is a great solution to help investors build their real estate businesses and portfolios.


Funding alternaives for all types of properties: At IGR Mortgage Services we have Bridge Loans that are suited to your investment needs. These are some of our Bridge Loan options for Real Estate Investors: Fix and Flip, Cash- Out Refinance, or Purchase Money.


Few lenders do Bridge Loans, however at IGR Mortgage Servives we have surpassed the status quo of standard bank loans and conventional loans by providing Bridge Loans to Real Estate Investors Nationwide.

Eligible Properties For Bridge Loans

Residential 1 to 4 Units

Residential is classified as single-family and plexes up to four units including condominiums, rowhouses, townhomes and P.U.D’s. At IGR Mortgage we provide funds to investors to purchase, refinance, fix & flip, or hold and rent.

Multi-Family 5 to 100 Units

Multi-family is housing where multiple units (5+) for residential use are in one or more buildings within a community or complex. We provides funds to investors to purchase or refinance with loans amounts of $100K to $5M.

Mixed-Use & Commercial

Mixed-Use is a project that blends residential and commercial uses into one integrated complex or building. Commercial properties include office buildings, retail, strip malls, motels, hotels, retail, senior housing and more.

If you have a question about a Bridge Loan give us a call to discuss the scenario. One ten-minute call may just be the ticket to a fast solution to meet your financing objectives!


IGR Mortgage Services has been providing investors with hard money loan options for over 30 years. We offer Fast & Affordable financing. for investors of every experience level. Call today to or send us your loan scenario to review!

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