Rental Property Loan Program

At IGR Mortgage Services we provide long-term Rental Property Loans for investors that have a buy and hold investment approach. These are a great alternative to hard money loans and help serious investors build their real estate portfolios with financing for up to 30 years at affordable rates.

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Rental Property Loan Overview

Long-term investors that are interested in building their real estate portfolio can benefit from our Rental Property Loans. These loans allow borrowers to close the purchase of rental property or refinance an existing property at a lower rate for up to 30 years. With flexible terms including 5/1 & 7/1 ARMS and 30 year amortizations, we have the best options for investors to build cash flow and equity over the years. If you’re an investor who wants to build wealth through real estate investment, our Rental Property Loan Program is just the ticket to put you on your way!

Rental Property Loan Program Features:

Residential properties from single-family to 4 units. Other:

  • Loan Amounts from $100K to $5M
  • Loan-To-Value Ratios to 85%
  • Interest Rates 6.99% – 10.99%
  • Loan Programs 5/1 & 7/1 ARMS; 30 Year Fixed
  • Interest Only Options
  • Purchase, Refinance & Cash-Out
  • 620 + Credit Score
  • Stated Income/No Doc Programs
  • Investor No Ratio Program
  • Portfolio Loans Available For 5+ Properties
  • Loans to Individuals and Entitles

Why You Should Use A Rental Property Loan


Our Rental Property Loans do not have a cap on the allowable number of properties you can own to qualify for financing. if your portfolio has in excess of ten properties that’s the maximum allowed for conventional loans and as a practical matter conventional lenders don’t make additional loans to investor with more than four properties (the old limit). nks. We also offer Blanket Portfolio Loans if you want to bundle two or more properties into a one loan.


With the price of housing rising rapidly in many U.S. markets many individulas and families are priced out of the market and decide to rent. This will put upward pressure on rents in addition to a stabilizing economy coming out of the pandemic (2021). Our Rental Property Loans are a great way for invesotrs to take advantage of these market dynamics and build wealth through long term real estate investing.


Alternative Income Documentation: Especially for self-employed borrowers that often have a difficult time documenting income. With flexible programs including Stated Income and No Doc qualifying self-employed borrowers can obtain financing that otherwise would be unavailable.


Quick Funding: With a Rental Property Loan provided by IGR Morgage Services, real estate investors can have funds within 12 to 24 days in most cases. That’s the advantage of flexible guidelines, underwriting, and a stream-lined loan process with our Rental Property Loans.


A Good Alternative to Hard Money: Historically real estate investors would need to turn to a hard money loan if they were unable to qualify for conventionsl financing. With a Rental Property Loan the investor can save a bundle in fees and rates over the term of the loan compared to hard money.


Avoid Waiting Period Requirements: Conventional loans and FHA-VA loans have waiting period requirements for borrowers coming out of bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sales or deed in lieu of foreclosure. Borrowers can qualify for Rental Property Loans one day after these events.


Many Other Reasons: No maximum loan limits; No private mortgage insurance; late payments in the past 12 months allowed; No Doc loans for self-employed borrowers; underwriting exceptions can be made on Rental PropertyLoan on a case by case basis.

Eligible Properties For Rental Property Loans

Detached Residential

Detached single-family houses, duplexes, tri-plexes and four-plexes.

Attached Single-Family

Attached single-family rowhouses, including condominiums.

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes, mobile homes and P.U.D.’s

If you have a question about a Rental Property Loan on a qualifying residential property, give us a call to discuss your situation. One ten-minute call may just be the ticket to a fast solution to meet your financing needs!


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