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IGR Mortgage Services is a division of Encore Holdings, Inc., an Oregon corporation. The company was originally established in 1982 and brokered contracts and trust deeds. Over the years we have had different company structures and have been involved in a wide range of mortgage activity including hard money lending, mortgage banking, residential loan origination, construction loans, loan portfolio management and commercial lending. Scott Shankland is owner and President.

IGR Mortgage Services is one of Oregon’s most experienced hard money lenders with over 37 years of hard money lending experience. We provide hard money loans in Oregon for real estate investors and property owners through asset-based lending.  

Borrowers who use our services can rely on us for fast approvals and funding, competitive rates and fees, flexible lending criteria and excellent service. In some cases we can fund loans in 5 days. We provide lending to numerous types of borrowers including individuals, entities (LLCs, partnerships, corporations), trusts and estates.


IGR Mortgage Services specializes in quick closing real estate loans. Banks and conventional lenders can take weeks to process a loan application. IGR Mortgage Services can close most loans in a few days.We treat each application with individual attention and find ways to fast-track the loan process.  Our borrowers receive the best terms and conditions available for their current situation.

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Scott Shankland – Principal

Scott started IGR Mortgage in 1982 brokering contracts and trust deeds. He has a wide range of experience in many areas of mortgage lending including loan origination, portfolio management, construction lending to name a few. He is respected in the mortgage lending community and has served as an expert witness in many hard money related litigation cases.

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